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Anime Convention with Steampunk

December 27-29, 2013
Hilton Austin

IKKiCON LLC is a Japanese Animation and Pop-Culture Convention, held annually in Austin, Texas. IKKiCON traditionally runs for three days during the beginning of the calendar y-ear. We pride ourselves in bringing together the most amazing anime and pop-culture fans and guests to enjoy our events, panels and workshops. Since 2006, when we opened operations as an LLC, we've been working tirelessly to offer the best experience for our attendees, guests and staff. We are proud to be fan-run and fan-done, and will always put the community first to ensure we have the most successful convention possible.

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At-Door Rates:
$55 weekend; $40 Fri; $45 Sat; $30 Sun

Christopher Ayres (Voice Actor / ADR Director)
Greg Ayres (Voice Actor)
Tia Ballard (Voice Actress)
Clifford Chapin (Voice Actor)
Daniel Coglan (Martial Arts Expert)
Jillian Coglan (Martial Arts Expert)
Junko Fujiyama (Musician)
Caitlin Glass (Voice Actress / ADR Director)
Jarrod Greene (Voice Actor / Digital Video Engineer, Funimation Entertainment)
Ben Hamby (Author / Steampunk Costumer, The Delirium of Grandeur)
Andrew Hilton (Disc Jockey)
Lauren Landa (Voice Actress)
Kyle "Ex-Shadow" Mathis (Cosplayer, Synchro-Hearts)
Malinda "Malindachan" Mathis (Cosplayer, Synchro-Hearts)
DJ Midget (Disc Jockey)
Carli Mosier (Voice Actress)
Nylon Pink (Band)
The Sky D.o.G.s (Steampunk Costumers)
Krystal Stoner (Cosplayer)

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