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Gaming Convention with Anime, Comic, Costume, SciFi and Video Games

July 3-4, 2010
Holiday Inn Oakville Centre

ConBravo! will be held on July 3-4th 2010, at the Holiday Inn on Argus Rd. in Oakville, Ontario. We are the very first convention catering to comics, anime, and gaming in the Burlington-Oakville-Mississauga area!

Our convention programming goal is to meet the needs of multiple fandoms, from independent comic fans to Japanese animation and gaming enthusiasts.

As a new convention, we hope to deliver an exciting first year to all attendees, with plenty of panels, events, and screenings, as well as guests and exhibitors.

The convention programming runs from 9:00 AM on Saturday through to 8:00 PM on Sunday, with no break in between. That's right, we're an all-night convention!

Night owls and early birds can enjoy a screening or panel in the wee hours, having just come from the dance, or before heading off to their rooms for the night.

350 warm bodies

Advance Rates:
$20 until Jun 1

At-Door Rates:
$25 weekend; $15 Sat; $12 Sun

The 404s (Improv Comedy Group)
Robert Axelrod (Actor, Integrity Publicity)
Svetlana Chmakova (Artist / Author)
Live Action Mario Party (Performers)
The Moonroses (Cosplayers)
Tom "Savage Bandito" Savage (Photographer, Everage Studios Photography)
Team JAVEX (Cosplayers)

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