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Ushiko's Anime Block Party

Anime Convention

January 26-28, 2007
La Quinta Inn & Suites Austin Southwest at Mopac

As a member of the anime fan community, you're invited to an anime community block party. Share tips and stories, watch a favorite show or play games, or just generally socialize and get to know your fellow fan. If any of those sound appealing, then come join us this winter for Ushiko's Anime Block Party. Reserve a space on our block to promote your fan activities, and look around and see what everyone else has going on. Visit the local merchants to get snacks and toys and share your creativity with the community.
There is no charge or Registration for Ushiko's Anime Block Party, if you would like to join our "block" then please get a room at the event site. (Tell them you're with "USHICON" to get a room in our block.) If you have something you'd like to share, you're encouraged to invite your fellow fan over to join in your fun.

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At-Door Rates:
All 3 days: Free

Jessica Boone (Voice Actress)
Luci Christian (Voice Actress)
Ikuko Itoh (Character Designer / Animation Director)
Nanae Katoh (Voice Actress)
Chris Patton (Voice Actor)
Naoki Yanagi (Voice Actor)

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Nov 01, 2006 - Ushicon to hold special Princess Tutu event

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