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Anime Convention

July 13-15, 2007
Connecticut Convention Center

5,210 warm bodies (estimated)
4,600 paid attendees (estimated)

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Overall Rating: 3.1 stars (based on less than ten member ratings)

Advance Rates:
$25 at 2006 con; $30 by Feb 24; $40 by Jun 16

At-Door Rates:
$50 weekend; $25 Fri; $30 Sat; $20 Sun

Hutch Armstrong (Web Comic Creator, Lucid TV)
Rob Balder (Web Comic Creator / Musician, Erfworld)
Steve Bennett (Co-Founder, Studio Ironcat)
Blondie (Web Comic Artist, Caf-fiends)
Ryan Borella (Web Comic Artist, Ded End / Thick Pie)
Nick Borkowicz (Web Comic Artist, Dead of Summer)
Jennifer Brazas (Web Comic Creator, Mystic Revolution)
Jennie Breeden (Web Comic Author, The Devil's Panties)
David Cheung (Web Comic Artist, Chugworth)
Brian Clevinger (Web Comic Artist, 8-Bit Theater)
Jekka Cormier (Web Comic Creator / Podcast Host, Seraphic / The Chibi Project)
Naomi Craig (Web Comic Creator, The Prime of Ambition)
Huw "Lem" Davies (Web Comic Artist, Bunny)
Marty Day (Web Comic Writer, Ghostfreehood Alliance)
Patrick Delahanty (Senior Editor / Founder, /
Jeremie DeWitt (Web Comic Creator, Sterile Art)
Joe Digiorgi (Owner, Headline Sound)
Mike Donohue (Web Comic Artist, Sock Puppet Asylum)
Christopher Fitch (Web Comic Creator, Ded End / Thick Pie)
Brion Foulke (Web Comic Creator, Flipside)
Darren J. Gendron (Web Comic Creator, Dernwerks Comics)
Caitlin Glass (Voice Actress / ADR Director)
Garth Graham (Web Comic Artist, Comedity)
Rusty Haller (Artist)
Shawn Handyside (Editor / Artist, HALOLZ / Staccato)
Mohammad "Hawk" Haque (Artist, Applegeeks)
Daniel Kevin Harrison (Voice Actor)
Jess Hartley (Novelist / Writer / Developer)
Chris Hastings (Web Comic Creator, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja)
Woody Hearn (Artist, GUComics)
Jeph Jacques (Web Comic Artist)
Christi Johnson (Web Comic Creator, In the Puddle)
Jamal Joseph, Jr. (Web Comic Writer, Chugworth)
Ben Kahan (Web Comic Creator, Ansem Retort)
Sean Kelly (Web Comic Creator, Smoke Emitting Diodes)
John Keogth (Web Comic Creator, Lucid TV)
Larom Lancaster (Web Comic Creator, Comedity)
Dave Lister (Producer, Studio Nasu)
Chris "Kilika" Malone (Storyboarder / Cartoonist)
Kevin McKeever (Operations Coordinator, Harmony Gold)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Randy Milholland (Web Comic Creator, Something Positive)
Haley Millman (Web Comic Creator, The Modern Edda)
Matthew Myers (Musician, 2EastMusic)
Steve Napierski (Web Comic Creator, Dueling Analogs)
Jamie Noguchi (Web Comic Creator, Angry Zen Master)
Novablade Studios (Illustrators)
Rosscott Nover (Web Comic Creator, The Rockets!)
Nik Palmer (President, Carnage Gaming)
Ananth Panagariya (Writer, Applegeeks)
Scott Ramsoomair (Web Comic Artist, VG Cats)
David Rothlien (Web Comic Creator, Lucid TV)
Kevin Roy (Web Comic Creator, Caf-fiends)
Ed Ryzowski (Web Comic Creator, Geek Tragedy)
George 'Fat Man' Sanger (Composer / Author)
Michael "Mookie" Terracciano (Web Comic Artist, Dominic Deegan)
Dirk Tiede (Web Comic Artist, Paradigm Shift)
Mark Voisine (Web Comic Artist, WolfBoy Comics)
Brian Wilson (Web Comic Creator, Geist Panik!)
59 guests listed

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