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Furry Convention

October 11-14, 2018
Chattanooga Marriott Downtown

Anthro SouthEast(ASE) is an annual convention taking place in the scenic city of Chattanooga, TN. 2018 being our debut year, ASE's team is working hard to ensure a first year con experience unlike any other. As the team is filled out, ASE will be comprised of staff, coordinators, board members, and our con chair.

Anthro SouthEast's goal/mission is to create a safe environment for convention attendees. While ASE's prime demographic are those of the Anthropomorphic persuasion, ASE welcomes those of other fandoms as well.

Anthro SouthEast will have a plethora of events involving dance, music, art, writing, costume design, as well as life skill workshops. The city of Chattanooga has plenty to offer in addition to ASE's events, including the Tennessee Aquarium, scenic walking/biking paths, city tours, water tours, and dozens of chain and local only restaurants to choose from.

Advance Rates:
$45 through Oct 10, 2018

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