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Comic Convention

June 2-3, 2018
Townsville Stadium
Annandale, QLD Australia

MagnetiCon is a locally organised and operated, family friendly pop culture event that is run annually in Townsville North Queensland, Australia.

The Hone Family of Townsville along with a group of comic book, sci-fi, anime and movie lovers have banded together to create a truly unique event for visitors and citizens of Townsville. The purpose of this two day event, which will include special guest stars, cosplayers, celebrities and comic book artists, is to raise funds for charity and entertain the masses through video game competitions, cosplay contests and access to merchandise you've only dreamed of.

The name stems from our local region incorporating our stunning view of Magnetic Island from our beautiful city shore. The event itself will take place on the mainland, with an expected attendance of 3000+ guests. We hope to bring local vendors some extra opportunities that they may otherwise miss out on due to these conventions usually running in the big cities.

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Kevin Sorbo (Actor)


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MagnetiCon 2018  June 2-3, 2018

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