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Lore Con

Gaming Convention

April 1-3, 2005
Best Western Windjammer Inn & Conference Center

Lore Con, held in early spring, is a semi-new 100% gaming convention in Vermont's Champlain Valley. We started out in 2001 as Bakuretsu Con, a combination anime and gaming convention. Attendance has been excellent and growing every year, but some gamers have consistently expressed reticence at the anime aspects of the con--tight crowds, outlandish costumes, and devotion to an unfamiliar aspect of fandom.

If you're among those who've been reluctant to attend in the past, you've gotten your wish! After some tough decisions we decided that we could better focus all of our energy into giving you the best convention possible if we divided Gaming and Anime into two completely separate events. Lore Con is all gaming and nothing but, while Bakuretsu Con (to be held October 21-23) is 100% anime. Don't expect to find any anime screenings or costumes at Lore Con. You will find all of your favorites games: RPGA, HeroClix, Civilization, Dungeons & Dragons, Munchkin, WitchCraft, Puerto Rico, GURPS, .hack and Lord of the Rings CCG tournaments, Clay-o-Rama, and of course Video Gaming. Con Chair Laban Tatro is also preparing a special Pirates of the Caribbean miniatures game using Playmobil ships.

At-Door Rates:
All 3 days: $25
Fri: $5
Sat: $15
Sun: $10

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Lore Con

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